How to Make Pokeballs in Pixelmon

Quick guide on how to make pokeballs in Pixelmon

Step 1:

Create a Poke Ball disc by smelting three Apricorns by placing them in a row on the crafting table

Step 2:

Create an iron disc by placing three iron ingots on the crafting table. Alternatively, you can place three aluminum ingots in a row on the crafting table to produce an aluminum disc.

Step 3:

Turn the disc into a lid by placing the disc on a Pixelmon anvil and then hitting the anvil until the disc is a half sphere

Step 4:

Repeat the previous step for the metal disc

Step 5:

Craft a stone button by smelting stone

Step 6:

Place the newly created lid, button and base in the crafting table

Step 7:

Retrieve your new Pokeball

Congrats! You've just made a Pokeball in Pixelmon!